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travel week

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The last week (Tuesday-Monday):

  • time in the air: 28 hours
  • other time on airplanes: 5 hours
  • time standing in lines at airports: 9.5 hours
  • other time waiting at airports: 4 hours
  • number of airports visited or passed through: 7
  • approximate distance in miles sprinted in JFK: 0.25
  • number flights missed, skipped, or unable to make: 8
  • number of tickets sold to me without tickets being issued: 2
  • time waiting for luggage at baggage claim: 2.5 hours
  • time in the car: 8 hours
  • number of meals with friends: 9
  • number of delicious, home cooked meals for which I will be eternally grateful: 1
  • number of giant, greasy meals at favorite Boston establishments: 2
  • number of absolutely awesome froyos at places claiming to be “for the Gen-Xers” (flavor):1 (reese’s pieces and reese’s cups)

Not all bad.


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I walked around all weekend in a Boston covered in inches of ice. I walked carefully and I did not slip and fall. I got back to sunny California and one of the first things I did was slip after getting out of the shower. My hip and elbow hurt.

too accommodating

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Some people are accommodating. These people are nice. Some people are too accommodating. This can be destructive. If you find yourself in this latter group, just think to yourself, “I will not give in so easily. I will not roll over at the first chance I get. I am not France.”

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