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suddenly busy concert week or two

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I haven’t been to a rock show in a while and all of a sudden, it seems like I’ll be going to quite a few, with Noise Pop this week, a couple of Stanford Concert Network shows and some random bands coming through (some of which I’m considering/ am seeing multiple times). Here’s what it looks like:

There are also Badly Drawn Boy w/ Adem, Elvis Perkins, Adem (headlining) and other bands at the end of March. Goodness, life’s so hard.

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  1. libs Says:

    Wait, you’re seeing Hella or Alexi Murdoch instead of JV and Damien Jurado? Too many good choices!!

  2. adrian Says:

    JV and Damien Jurado are on the same night as Sebadoh, the 28th. Sebadoh has toured once since I started listening to them and I’ve seen JV about seven times and DJ about four or five, so I chose Sebadoh.

  3. adrian is rad » I’m on the radio tonight! listen! Says:

    […] Give it a listen—it’ll actually start at a reasonable time for you east coasters. Also, I won’t be on tomorrow in my normal slot because of the aforementioned Sebadoh concert. […]

  4. New and Improved Libs » guest DJing Says:

    […] I co-hosted (ok, that is perhaps an exaggeration, I was in the studio for) a radio show last night.  Perhaps 2/3 of the way through the MP3 recording,  you can hear me say a few things, and then you can hear me get my mic turned off, I maintain that it was for having impeccable music taste– ok, I was the one who first noted The Morning Benders, who opened for the Long Winters at a show canuck went to see, and we played one of their tracks, and I tried to show up world famous DJ canuck by reminding him that I had told him how much I was impressed by the Morning Benders before he even knew who they were.  Unfortunately he had control of the mics. […]

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