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this one goes out to Dylan

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Ipod Breathalyzer with FM Transmitter

Better or worse than that ipod dock/ toilet paper dispenser?

2 Responses to “this one goes out to Dylan”

  1. libs Says:

    Better. Using toilet paper and listening to music are things that can go together. Some people read in the bathroom, note how many houses have magazines within reach of the toilet, some may listen to music. However, if someone is in such a state as to require a breathalyser, I can only hope that he is not also operating a vehicle, which seems to be the most logical use for an FM transmitter. I just don’t see how drunkenness and radios fit neatly together… So, for being completely illogical, I vote that this one is better.

  2. dylan Says:

    it only goes up to 0.12% BAC! that’s like, level 1.

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