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travel week

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The last week (Tuesday-Monday):

  • time in the air: 28 hours
  • other time on airplanes: 5 hours
  • time standing in lines at airports: 9.5 hours
  • other time waiting at airports: 4 hours
  • number of airports visited or passed through: 7
  • approximate distance in miles sprinted in JFK: 0.25
  • number flights missed, skipped, or unable to make: 8
  • number of tickets sold to me without tickets being issued: 2
  • time waiting for luggage at baggage claim: 2.5 hours
  • time in the car: 8 hours
  • number of meals with friends: 9
  • number of delicious, home cooked meals for which I will be eternally grateful: 1
  • number of giant, greasy meals at favorite Boston establishments: 2
  • number of absolutely awesome froyos at places claiming to be “for the Gen-Xers” (flavor):1 (reese’s pieces and reese’s cups)

Not all bad.

3 Responses to “travel week”

  1. libs Says:

    We should write to ice cream companies about the double reese’s flavor. It should be a standard.

  2. New and Improved Libs » you should have seen my face Says:

    […] There’s no question, that is Snickers/Kit-Kat flavored frozen yogurt, and you know that not only because it tastes amazing, but you just saw them put the WHOLE candy bar into your yogurt.  I personally tasted the Snickers/Kit-Kat (ridiculous), but I ordered Reese’s Cup and Reese’s Pieces… both… together… !!  It was delicious. […]

  3. adrian is rad » Announcing! February 2007 Mix Tape (vol. 8) Says:

    […] I meant to post this the one day I was back between South Africa and Mexico, February 14, but I got held up. I had a brilliant theme, given that it was St. Valentine’s Day: Love Songs: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Well, it almost worked out but I feel like it won’t have the same relavence or weight posting it today. Oh well. […]

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