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the day I became an indie rocker

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Today when I was sorting through my desk drawers, I found this receipt from Beluga Records:

[they said to save the receipt and I did]

Colin had told me that this band, the Coctails, had musical saw because he knew I was interested in it, so I decided to order The Coctails’ Peel. I’d also heard him talking about bands like Superchunk and Sebadoh, many of whom appeared on the Lounge Ax Relocation and Defense Fund CD.

I ordered those CDs and I believe they were my first indie rock CDs. I possibly bought Sebadoh’s Free Weed before that, but I’m not completely sure. July 1997 would place me at the end of my sophomore year of high school, about to enter my junior year.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you’re interested in the musical saw, check out
    She recorded with John Hiatt and some indie rock groups in NYC

  2. ipickmynose: a San Francisco Bay Area-centric, mostly indie music blog » Lost gem + Fun with 90s indie rock: Seam Says:

    […] I know when I heard Seam for the first time: July 1997 on the Lounge Ax and Relocation and Defense Fund CD. I’d gotten it because it had a bunch of bands my friend Colin had talked about: Sebadoh was probably the only one I actually knew, but it also included many bands I’d heard of including Superchunk, Tortoise, and the Coctails. Soon I bought The Problem with Me and I remember one of the first (indie rock) CDs I looked forward to being released was The Place is Glacial. […]

  3. ipickmynose: an SF-centric indie music blog » local and I’m listening: french miami; CD release show Friday Says:

    […] go: I grew up on many of those T&G/ Southern bands like Seam, Coctails, and–heck–one of my first indie rock CDs had bands like Jesus Lizard, June of 44, Shellac, and […]

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