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top dozen albums/ releases of 2006

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I did my top dozen albums of 2006 show last night. My picks and start-with-these tracks:

  1. Fionn Regan The End of the World
    • Be Good or Be Gone
    • Put a Penny in the Slot
  2. Beirut Gulag Orkestar
    • Postcards from Italy
    • Scenic World or Mount Wroclai
  3. the Long Winters Putting the Days to Bed
    • Fire Island, AK
    • Seven
  4. Bishop Allen Month EPs
    • Corazon [from January]
    • Flight 180 [from April]
  5. Sufjan Stevens Avalanche
    • The Mistress Witch From McClure
    • No Man’s Land
  6. Girl Talk Night Ripper
    • Hold Up
    • Too Deep
    • Smash Your Head
  7. Damien Jurado And Now That I’m in Your Shadow
    • Hoquaim
    • Denton, TX
  8. Cat Power The Greatest
    • The Greatest
    • Willie
  9. David Bazan Fewer Moving Parts
    • How I Remember
    • The Devil is Beating his Wife
  10. Eric Bachmann To the Races
    • Home or Genie, Genie
    • Lonesome Warrior
  11. Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America
    • Chips Ahoy!
    • You Can Make him Like You
  12. Elvis Perkins Ash Wednesday
    • While You were Sleeping
    • Good Friday

A little bit about each album after the jump.


Light Footwork on KZSU tonight

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Just a reminder that the Light Footwork will be playing live on KZSU tonight at 9pm PST. It’s the first live gig of this blog-acclaimed band. You can listen at 90.1FM or online.

Update: If you missed it, check this out (and the playlist). It starts a couple minutes in.

appropriate shirt sighting!

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This is not quite as totally sweet as the “Adrian is Rad” shirts, but still pretty good. Reader mim sends in this:

Rosie + Sufjan == Baby

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As TW Walsh points out, Rosie Thomas has put out (digitally, at least) her new album which was recorded with Denison Whitmer and my fav Sufjan Stevens. You can listen to a track or two at her website (streaming, flash), one at her myspace (streaming), or head over to Aquarium Drunkard to grab one mp3. The one at her website and myspace, “Much Farther to Go”, has Sufjan singing and playing banjo and TW Walsh on percussion. It’s a nice song with good finger-picked guitar and orchestration. Sufjan and Rosie’s voices go very well together. It’s still very much a Rosie song, so if you’re hoping for a new Sufjan song, check out his Christmas box set.

Note: Sufjan and Rosie aren’t actually having a baby.

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