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this one goes out to Pham

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[Warning, paulpham style joke coming.]

School bike? What’s that? A long yellow bike that all the kids get on?

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  1. Sarah Louise Says:


  2. Colin Says:

    This reminds me of a post to MIT’s “Reuse” mailing list a few months back, where people give away things they no longer need. At that point someone was giving away a “white man’s bike.” I think what was meant was that the person was giving away a men’s bike that is white. However, this wording elicited a whole slew of jokes by me and my officemate and even included some joke posts to reuse, like the guy who responded: “I’m a white man – is the bike still available?”

  3. adrian Says:

    That “white man’s bike” one is so obvious!

    I always feel a little weird when I go to the deli counter and order “white american [cheese].”

    Pham’s favorite is when someone says something like “that’s a big ass truck!” and he’ll reply “what’s an ass truck?”

  4. Sulu Says:

    I don’t remember this joke at all.
    But it sounds like something I would say.
    Oh man, I’m so not funny, it isn’t even ironic anymore.

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