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Hypothesis: everyone has a bit of a soft spot for the music that (s)he liked in high school.


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  1. Colin Says:

    I would like to tack on an additional hypothesis: Everyone is embarrassed by the music he/she liked in middle school. Discuss.

  2. Dale Says:

    Tom Finn, of the Left Banke and now a wedding DJ for rich people, says:

    “I learned at Studio that yuppies really like to dance to the music of their adolescence,” Mr. Finn said, as if to apologize for the lack of originality in his selections. “It’s not my job to educate them.”

    (from the NY Times)

    When you’re a teenager you discover the first bands you really love, and they connect you to your generation.

  3. Sarah Louise Says:

    It’s funny, because when I was in high school, I listened to a lot of “Classic Rock” (Bachman Turner Overdrive, etc.) So now when they play songs from when I was in h.s. I’m like, that was popular then? Really?

    But it’s true, nostalgia sells!

  4. libs Says:

    Is there any other way to explain how I can still listen to The Bangles?

  5. Sarah Louise Says:

    Walk like an egyptian–I heart the Bangles–oh, I see…

  6. Jesse Says:

    In my brief stint as pirate radio DJ for WTEP (covering everything from 98 FM to 100 FM) I played Walk Like an Egyptian on loop for approximately 22 hours! Then Raag accidentally unplugged the RF power amp…

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