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man, this guy is good

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I don’t really get into webcomics much, but I’ve been really enjoying xkcd “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”

It’s pretty geeky stuff, generally. Some of it reminds me of jokes friends would make in college (like thing jwerberg said about the Apollo 11 space shuttle and it having the same computing power as a TI-85 “and that thing can’t even do tan 90!”)

There are some of my favorites.

I may relate a little too much to some.

Some are at the heights of geek humor while others are just sort of random.

And then there are the ones about love.

3 Responses to “man, this guy is good

  1. sarah louise Says:

    The one about the movie seating is pretty good.

  2. jdawg Says:

    Those are pretty funny. For nerds.
    Glad to know a few of my jokes still live on in infamy, but seriously, how much work would have it been to program that to return something? Wow, I’m writing this comment in Firefox which is spell checking my comment in real time, it makes me look all smart-like because now they’re aren’t any misspelled words like when I usually comment..

  3. Patrick Says:

    That comic’s rich.

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