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slowly becoming an adult

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I figured it’d be paying rent or doing my own taxes that’d do it. Or perhaps it’d be my first real paycheck. Or buying a more expensive product to get better quality so it’d last.

Well, I did those things and don’t feel particuarly like an adult. Yesterday, though, I realized it comes in steps. I realized this because I clipped my fingernails. I looked at my hands yesterday and saw that my fingernails were getting long and realized that I hadn’t bitten them, none of them.

Now I have nothing against biting one’s fingernails (or picking one’s nose) and I realize there’s a time and place where it’s not appropriate (in a client meeting, for instance), but, while I wasn’t doing anything about it, I also didn’t particularly like this habit. Well, apparently I’ve unknowingly stopped. I guess it was just time.

And so the realization that I’m one step closer to being an “adult.” Next step: talking to girls like they’re normal people.

10 Responses to “slowly becoming an adult”

  1. Colin Says:

    I think “talking to girls like they’re normal people” may be too ambitious as your next step. Something like “not leaving gigantic piles of unwashed dishes in the sink” or “doing laundry before underwear recycling becomes necessary” may be more immediately attainable goals. I’m a few years older than you and married and I’m still not sure that I can say that I’m able to talk to girls like they’re normal people.

  2. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I was planning on making a similar point – there’s miles between not biting your nails (I still bite all of mine), and talking to girls like they’re normal people. Also, let’s face it: it’s a false path. GIRLS AREN’T NORMAL PEOPLE.

  3. adrian Says:

    Two married guys telling me that talking to girls like normal people may not happen, or at least not come easily. Geez, is it like this for everyone or just my strange group of friends? It can’t be like this for everyone, can it?

  4. a girl Says:

    we’re actually not even human…

    signed, a girl

  5. a REAL girl Says:

    shh… don’t listen to them.

    best of luck,
    a real girl

  6. andy (not andyl) Says:

    See, here’s the other thing – you mislabel the goal. The idea isn’t to talk to ALL girls like they’re human beings. You just need to be able to talk to ONE girl that way. I talk to my wife as freely as two people can converse, but that doesn’t mean that other females aren’t intimidating. I’d guess that Colin finds himself in a similar situation.

  7. libs Says:

    andy (not andyl)’s wife is /totally/ intimidating (and I love her)! And I completely agree with his assessment.

  8. Jesse Says:

    I love that there are fake comments and I didn’t post them! sweet!

  9. some girl Says:

    who says they are fake?

  10. a girl Says:

    fake? i should say not! (a non-nail biting girl)

    and the “one girl at a time” advice is pretty much the best way to go.

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