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oakland clinches

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The A’s clinched the division last night after a few days of sitting at a magic number of 2, so my tickets will now be useful.

The four AL teams that are in the playoffs are the Yankees (booh!), Tigers, Twins and A’s. As I believe is the case, the A’s will have to play a Central team because they can’t play each other, so that gives us either the Tigers or the Twins. The Yankees and Tigers are tied for the best record, but we know that the Tigers can’t play the Twins, so unless something dramatically changes, I think it’s going to be Yankees-Twins, Tigers-A’s for the ALDS’s. Oakland is 4-5 for the year versus the Tigers and 4-6 against the Twins for the year, so it might actually be slightly better to get the Tigers.

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  1. libs Says:

    You “booh!”ed just to make me punch you harder, didn’t you?
    A few days late, I know. Excuse: I’ve been on vacation.

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