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steelers good, sucking

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The steelers alternated being dominant and sucking badly in today’s 28-20 loss against the Bengals. When dug came over at the end of the first quarter, I told him the Steelers were dominating, at which point they started sucking. In the 3rd quarter they were dominating again, and then sucking in the 4th until it was do or die and they almost did.

The AP write up and the post-game quotes.

There was some stat that all x points were scored with the wind. Heinz Field is basically a nasty wind funnel on some days. I don’t know if the stat held all the way through the game, but at least the first 34 points were scored with the wind.

Willie Parker and the offensive line played really well all day and that made me pretty happy because they didn’t play great in either previous game.

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  1. Milkshake Says:

    From my seat I can see the point state park fountain and instead of shooting straight up in the air the wind was causing it to arch like a rainbow.

    I’m not ready to panic about this season yet. Crazy predition – we will win our next 8 games.

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