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Bumbershoot 2006 (day 2)

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Last weekend whilst in Seattle, I went to Bumbershoot (Day 2) with Paul.

Here’s who we saw:

Spoon Spoon’s one of those stalward indie bands that’s been around for a chunk of years and they have their fan base, but they’ll probably not break into the mainstream. I was curious to see them live. They put on a pleasant set but it wasn’t incredible. Good enough.

Jeremy Enigk Jeremy Enigk (ee-nik) was the front man of the proto-emo-pop band Sunny Day Real Estate. Here he was doing a set under his own name and I was a bit curious to see what his current music sounds like. He put on a nice set of songs mostly on acoustic guitar, some accompanied by a band. His vocals have this sort of strange high-pitched strain to them. It was a nice set.

[Paul lent me his digicam for the day.]

Mates of State The Mates of State are so great live. This is at least my 8th time I’ve seen them and they always put on a very entertaining show live. Paul (unlike all the rest of the shows) did not seem to be completely bored. I can honestly recommend their live show without quals. Even if they’re not amazing, they’re still really good. They did a fun medly of “Like U Crazy” with Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy.” They did a mix of new songs and older songs—in fact I was pretty pleased with the number of their “classics” they did.

Jose Gonzalez The hands-down worst scheduling of the day was having the Mates of State overlap with Jose Gonzalez. I thought I’d still be able to make some of his set after the Mates of State, but a 32 minute set (likely because he needed to go play with Zero 7 as well) meant I only saw one song by him. I’ll have to go see him at Enchanted Broccoli Forest.

Kanye West (with Lupe ) Kanye was day 2’s headliner. I’ve liked his music recently and his two albums are the two hip hop albums I own. He had a full string section and a harpist on stage with him. He put on a pretty good set—well he did the songs I like and then there was the normal hip hop fair of misogyny and marijuana—but the sound was pretty bad (vocals too low, percussion too high). The chunks of the set I liked, I liked and the parts I didn’t, I was sort of bored.

7 Responses to “Bumbershoot 2006 (day 2)”

  1. adrian is rad » flatstock 10 Says:

    […] Inside of Bumbershoot 2006 was Flatstock 10 a silk-screened (indie rock) poster show from dozens of artists from around the country. It was really cool and possibly one of my favorite parts of the day at Bumbershoot. […]

  2. Milkshake Says:

    MOS are coming to Pittsburgh in a few weeks which excites me but with them will be Starlight Mints which makes me even more excited.

  3. neetsdapeets Says:

    do you know what the deal is with the Jose Gonzalez Enchanted Broccoli Forest show? are there tickets? I’ve been looking around and haven’t figured it out yet…but mabye I’m just out of the loop.

  4. adrian Says:

    I have no idea about the joze gonzalez EBF show. I suspect it’ll be limited to Stanford students, but I’m not sure.

  5. Josh of EBF Says:

    THE JOSE SHOW AT EBF IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. I am the concert’s organizer and only those with a Stanford University student ID will be admitted, all others will be turned away by security. Don’t get burned, go to another show.

    -Josh Constine

  6. adrian is rad » David Bazan @ the Swedish American Hall Says:

    […] This is quite possibly the straw that’s breaking the camel’s back, though: it is not reasonable to see a band or artist twelve times. Twelve times! That’s it, I go to too many concerts. The only other group that approaches is the Mates of State, who I’ve seen eight times at last count. The common thread is that they tour constantly and I started liking them both early on in my concert-going years. (And actually, I’ve seen John Vanderslice seven times now, but he’s local and my “friend” so that sort of semi-counts.) […]

  7. ipickmynose » Bumberbust and the Fests Says:

    […] Stereogum has this year’s Bumbershoot line up. Just a couple days ago I was thinking about Bumbershoot. I went last year and enjoyed it. It’s relatively close to SF, fairly cheap ($18 a day, I seem to remember) and I have good friends in Seattle. […]

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