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a couple of sporting items

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Dave Eggers writes about the World Cup. Very entertaining as alwasy.

The Baseball Card Blog for those of us who spent too much time and money on baseball cards as a kid. They’re currently on #5 on their best baseball card sets ever. I have a few packs of #5: 1989 Upper Deck. It was the year my family went on a New England road trip and we went through Cooperstown and saw the Baseball Hall of Fame. I picked up some of the new Upper Deck cards there. I hope #1 is 1987 Topps, the one with the wood grain. I loved those cards.

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  1. Colin Says:

    Yeah, the wood grain! I can by no means call myself a baseball card collector of any merit; however, I did have a bunch of those cards. I didn’t know what year they were from – only that they had wood grain and came with the hardest, most brittle gum ever concocted by mankind.

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