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fascinating pixies

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Walter pointed me to Matthew’s Celebrity Pixies Tribute. It’s a bunch of Pixies recorded in the style of, and with imitated production values of, various famous singers and bands.

It’s pretty interesting stuff and it’s a very impressive effort by whoever this Matthew guy is.

My favorite is:

Monkey Gone to Heaven as prefrormed by Frank Sinatra


Levitate Me as preformed by the Beach Boys


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me – old glasses – beard + new glasses + stubble + 1940 Pirates Road Hat =

[Update: for reference, this is the previously bearded, new glasses me:


Contour Design Showcase Ipod Case

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Along with my new computer, I also got a new Ipod, the 60GB video version. The old one was on its last legs battery wise and was lacking in capacity big-time.

I got a case along with it: the Contour Design Showcase. It’s pretty fantastic. Comolded rubber and a clear plastic, probably acryllic keep it looking pretty slick and it’s not too big. It also looks like it’ll absorb a shock too.

[yup, Contour has better pics than I do]

[The new ipod’s name is The Proud Tenant of Brand New Manitoba]

The Proud New Owner of Brand New Canada

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My new bedside companion:

Specs: 2.0GHz Macbook 13″ with 2GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, DVD-r/CD-r.


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I saw Syriana the other night.

It’s a complex, multi-threaded plot about oil and the Middle East. You can read more at the wikipedia article linked above.

It’s got an ensemble cast and some great performances, including, of course, George Clooney as a CIA agent. It’s interesting.

But before we get to far, I’m just going to put this out there: complex doesn’t necessarily mean good. There are complex, multi-threaded movies that are good, amazing even, like Magnolia. But let’s not get confused with what makes a movie good. Engaging and compelling movies are good or great movies.

That said, this movie is good. It’s entertaining but I never found it fully engaging.

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