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run where?

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My friend Leo’s been working on a website called Runthere for a while. It’s pretty cool. The function I use most is mapping out a route and finding out how long it is. I’ll also show you the elevation profile for the same route.

He’s recently added a feature where you can save and, optionally, share routes around you. You can also find routes that other people have saved.

It’s a pretty slick site. I’m impressed. He’s a mech e, like me, and didn’t have a whole lot of programming experience before ME218, just like me, but I’m struggling to make a php website for the radio station and he’s made this pretty cool site.

3 Responses to “run where?”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    I gotta tell you that since you first posted a link to his site I’ve used it somewhat frequently.

    Off topic a little bit I’m wondering if you’ve switched servers yet cause your page is still taking a fairly long time to load for me.

  2. adrian Says:

    I’d forgotten that I’d posted about this before.

    This page (blog or hasn’t changed. I’m trying out the new server at

  3. leo Says:

    Thanks for the double mention… The site’s doing well these days. A few hundred users have signed up already. It’s almost time to release the next version. I’m just working out the last bugs.

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