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on diets and the myth thereof

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This may be nothing new to you or you may not care.

Diets are a myth, a figment of your imagination. Diet is a reduction in calories and/ or increase in physical activity to lose weight. But you “go on a diet,” the implication being that you “go off” it at some point; that it’s temporary in some way. And people wonder why the gain the weight back.

We’ll assume a constant amount of physical activity here. See the thing is, given that, a certain number of calories prescribes a certain weight. If you eat x calories a day, you will weigh a fixed value of y (where y depends on your metabolism and a lot of other stuff). To lose a pound a week, you need to eat approximately 500 calories/day fewer or burn those off with excercise. Say you start at 200 lb, you may need 3238 calories a day to maintain that weight exactly. To lose a pound a week, you need to consumer 2738 a day. You lose x pounds and then go back to eating 3238 calories a day, and bingo, you’re back at 200 lb.

This also points out to why it’s easy to lose the first few pounds and harder to lose the last few pounds. At 180 lb. you now require only 2914 calories a day, so if you’re still eating 2738 calories a day, you’re suddenly a running a deficit of only 174 calories a day, leading to a loss of pound every 3 weeks instead of every week, and if you’ve let up a bit, say 150 calories a day worth, you’re going to plateau.

Mysteries of weight loss revealed!

So basically, the key is life style change, finding excercise that you can continue forever and lighter calorie foods that you like eating.

good times

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I’d almost forgotten about this. I remember the font being more readable than that.

There were three more of them. I’m trying to see if has any of them.

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