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for the love of pete

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The federal holiday on Monday is called Washington’s Birthday. Please refer to it as such.

I love Lincoln as much as the next guy, but let’s get it right.

11 Responses to “for the love of pete”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    You mean for the love of George.

    Hey while we’re being technical George Washington was actually the 11th president of the united states (though the first to be chief executive). Number 9 was Arthur St. Clair for whom Upper St. Clair was named.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    (cue eery music)

    …just as things are looking normal, Milkshake steps the idiocy up a few nothces…

  3. Milkshake Says:

    That’s pretty easy for you to hide behind “anonymous” and say. Why don’t you say who you are or better yet say that to my face bitch ass

  4. Cheeseburger Says:

    Alas Milkshake, it is I, your nemesis, Cheeseburger!

    I would direct my comments to your face, if only you could remove your head from your ass…

  5. Milkshake Says:

    Is that how it is huh? Let me guess – you’re behind a computer at your meaningless job all day and you come on here to bash me to make you feel better about your meaningless life. You’re pathetic man. Do you even know Adrian? I can’t imagine he’d want people behaving like this on his blog. I ignored it the first few times but I’m only going to take so much before saying something. But you know what – go ahead and keep talking shit on me if it makes you feel better better about yourself.

  6. Cheeseburger Says:

    feel better about myself, try to shut you up, what’s the difference?

    the point, as originally stated, is that you are an idiot. The office of President of the Continental Congress had very little relationship to the office of President of the United States beyond the name.

    why you alwaysa gotta bea sayin da stoopeed shite?

  7. Milkshake Says:

    At least now you’re addressing something I said instead of just name calling. I know the “first presidents” have little in common with the current office but if you’re being technical about it (like Adrian was about Washington’s Day) what I said is true. I was saying it tongue in cheek though and since you seem to have such a fantastic sense of humor I’m surprised you didn’t realize that.

  8. Cheeseburger Says:

    if you do get your head out of your ass it might help with that whole tongue in cheek thing…

    Tecnically the holiday in question *is* Washington’s Birtday. However, technically the office in question *was NOT* held by Arthur St. Clair. This is *why* I called you an idiot. No baseless name calling here.

  9. Milkshake Says:

    Are we really talking about this? Really?

    Technically Arthur St. Clair had the title of President of the United States. It wasn’t the same office but the same name. It’s the kind of argument somebody would make if they were being really picky like say – I don’t know – insisting everybody call Presidents Day “Washington’s Birthday” instead.

    Come to think of it I was being an idiot – but on purpose. Thanks for calling me out on it though – it’s really big of you.

    Are we done here?

  10. Cheeseburger Says:

    done? but you’re so close to understanding!

    Can you take lessons in “being really picky”? Technically Arthur St. Clair had the title “President of the United States in Congress Assembled”

  11. dolphio Says:

    **sniff sniff** What’s that I smell? Trolls in a flame war? Mmmm, can’t wait for BBQ season.

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