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the edukators

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Sometimes I get these movies from Netflix that just sit around for weeks. I start wondering why I got them. I start thinking that I’ll just send them back without watching them.

One such movie was the Edukators (German title: Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei). I decided I’d send it back on Monday regardless of whether I had watched it or not. It turns out I did watch it and I was glad that I did. I think I got it originally because it had Daniel Bruehl, who was the main kid in ostalgie-dripping Good Bye Lenin!

Three revolutionary friends in Berlin break into houses of rich people and rearrange the furniture, putting stereos into the fridge, the porcelain soldiers into the toilet and leave notes saying things like “The fat years are past” or “you have too much money.” Nothing is stolen or broken, simply rearranged.

It’s a lot of different movies. It starts out sort of counter-culture, FightClub-like; then it’s a love triangle story, a thriller, a discussion of opposing ideologies and ends up being a comment on human nature.

Overall a solid and enjoyable movie. It’s really odd in a way because the most suspense happens about a third of the way in. I really liked the twist ending. I’d recommend it.

shorties: more football, misc

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A NY Times op-ed piece about Pittsburgh, its relationship to the Steelers, and its low opinion of itself.

Sports Illustrated has some Super Bowl photo galleries up.

What are people getting as far as Super Bowl champions gear? hats? shirts?

Chicago Tribune has an interesting article about people listening to their ipods at work. I listen to mine (or my laptop) constantly. I assume everyone does. Do you?

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