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for science

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For science, people, for science.

2 Responses to “for science”

  1. dylan Says:

    who are these people??

  2. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I’m going to have to point out (and surely dylan, of all people, should know this) that those graphs are both labeled incorrectly. They say ” BAC vs. Alcohol Consumption,” but in fact, display BAC vs. Time. One could argue a clear correlation between time and alcohol consumption (depending on domain), but assuming causation would probably be a simplification.

    Also, what’s with the incomplete data sets? I want to see how Mr. Square and Mr. Triangle fare throughout the rest of the evening, as alcohol consumption ceases.

    That is a pretty mean line of regression for Mr. Diamond, though. Let’s see some video from .18, please. I’m guessing that was hi-larious.

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