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shorties: more football, misc

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A NY Times op-ed piece about Pittsburgh, its relationship to the Steelers, and its low opinion of itself.

Sports Illustrated has some Super Bowl photo galleries up.

What are people getting as far as Super Bowl champions gear? hats? shirts?

Chicago Tribune has an interesting article about people listening to their ipods at work. I listen to mine (or my laptop) constantly. I assume everyone does. Do you?

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  1. Milkshake Says:

    I’ll likely get the t-shirt and maybe a winter jacket if they have one. I already picked up a general Super Bowl XL t-shirt.

    I used to listen to my ipod while walking to and from the subway but now I usually just listen to it in my car on road trips or when I’m on a plane. I’ve noticed fewer and fewer people are listening to their ipods in public. I think we’re all getting sick of our playlists.

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