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a couple quality shows

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a couple quality “reality” shows that I picked up recently:

  • Stranded A British guy gets dropped off in an undisclosed location without food or money or contact to that outside world (besides the camera crew, I guess). He figures out where he is and learns about the town. It reminds me of that guy on one of the network news casts whose idea is that everyone has (or is) an interesting story, so he’d go to random towns, open the phone book and start calling people. An the Everyday American always had an interesting story. Similarly, the Everyday Town has interesting things.
  • Going Tribal A British guy goes to a remote tribe somewhere in the world and makes contact, often with a guide, with the hope of learning about and living with them. It’s tremendously interesting. Today’s episode he went to the occasionally canibalistic Kombai tribe who sleep in totally sweet treehouses. And this guy really tries to live in the traditions of the tribe. He ate maggots, went hunting, had his nose pierce (horizontal bar through the septum), and even tried (but didn’t end up going through with because he almost fainted) a vaguely described penis inversion thing that the tribe does for unknown reasons.

Overall some really interesting stuff to learn about our world.

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    […] I’ve said before that I’m a fan of Going Tribal on the Discovery Channel. It’s a documentary series where a guy, Bruce Perry, goes to live with a tribe somewhere around the world for about a month and they edit it down to an hour. Definitely more “reality” than “show.” […]

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