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covers contest, entries #9, results #8

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Alright kiddos, here we go.

The entries in the Covers Contest for this week’s song, Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie (Original):

Listen and vote for the best and most original cover.

The results for last week’s contest, the original for which was Matter by boom bip:
Best cover:
Adrian 0
Andy 1
Dave 2
Jesse 4

Most Original:
Adrian 1
Andy 0
Dave 0
Jesse 6

Good job, Jesse.

One last announcement for this post: We’ve decided to take a break for a bit. We may be back in a few weeks. Dave didn’t seem to have trouble finishing these but I’ve been scheduling my weeks around these because they take me a lot of time and Andy’s been having trouble getting them done, as you may have noticed. Hopefully you’ll see some original output from the three in the near future as well. If anyone would like to make their own cover contest with themselves, I’ll post a link to the result, just let me know. I can even pick a song for you to cover, if you’d like.

There’ll be a covers contest post next week to recap the results from the voting this week.

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