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Sufjan Illinois Mp3s

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Sufjan Stevens has a new album coming out called Illinois, the follow-up to his Michigan album. Only forty-eight states to go!

Anyway, because I’m just that cool, I’ve hunted down two of the 22 track on the world wide interweb.

Drop7 has “Chicago”.

And this guy has “Come On, Feel the Illinoise”. (via brooklynvegan).

They’re both good. Much more in the full orchestrated style of Michigan than the mostly banjo, non-state-album Seven Swans. And both are over six minutes long. I don’t think this’ll be the pattern for the album because twenty-two six minute tracks would be a two hour and twelve minute album!

(And we know that it’s one disc.)

(And I like how I spelled out the numbers in this post. Doesn’t it make it annoying to read?)

One Response to “Sufjan Illinois Mp3s”

  1. jesse Says:


    of the two, I prefer “Chicago”

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