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The San Francisco International Film Festival is coming up.

Here are some of the movies I may want to see. Anyone want to go to any of these?

  • 3 Iron Arpil 22 9:30pm, April 25 9:30 pm. A nearly silent love story, apparently about a drifter and an abused married woman. The main reason I want to see it is that it’s by Kim Ki-Duk, the guy who did the absolutely hypnotic Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring.
  • Boxers and Ballerinas April 27 2pm, May 1 6:30pm, May 3, 1pm. About two boxers and two ballerinas, two each living in Havana and Miami. I don’t know, but I’ve liked boxing movies lately (by which I mean Million Dollar Baby).
  • Boys of Baraka April 29 1:00pm, April 30 12:45pm, May 4 9:30. This one looks really interesting. A documentary about twenty inner city boys from Baltimore are taken and put in a bush school in Kenya.
  • Shepherd’s Journey into the Third Millenium April 27 8:30pm, April 28 5pm, May 4 7pm. A documentary about shepherding in the Swiss albums. I’m not quite sure why this sounds good, but it does.
  • Street Angel April 23 at 9pm. A silent movies with live music accompaniement provided by indie band American Music Club, Mark Eitzel’s band.

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