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sidekick 2 doesn’t power up after a drop?

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None of my regular readers have t-mobile/ danger sidekicks, I don’t think, but maybe people will search for this and find my brilliantly written article and then pay me money.

Anyway, I dropped my sidekick 2 yesterday from about 4 ft onto a brick pathway. I picked it up and the screen was blank. It wouldn’t power up. Disaster.

I took it back to work (this happened during lunch) and I took it apart with one guy. Some pretty good mechanical design in there, whoever did that. Nothing looked broken. All the boards in tact and all the flex circuits and whatnot looked fine. The connections between the battery and the circuit board seemed fine. We put it back together.

I went to another guy, who uses a sidekick himself, and he plugged it in. Bingo. It works fine. The problem apparently was that it lost power for a second on the drop and after a power failure like that it goes into a software lock of sorts, where it can’t reset on battery power, but the wall power provides a hard reset. That’s the first thing to try.

2 Responses to “sidekick 2 doesn’t power up after a drop?”

  1. jwerberg Says:

    this is the internet at its best.
    documenting undocumented features.

  2. Indy Says:

    Dude, I’m a faithful reader and Sidekick 2 enabled user. I finially got all the Reply-To: and FCC and procmail stuff setup so my sidekick integrates well with my normal email (including selective forwarding, and a universal sent-mail box). Now that I’m using it for phone, web, ssh, and much more email than before, I totally need to charge it every night. None of this two day stuff I used to get.

    I saw on the developer forums someone working on a Sidekick 2 RSS reader. Then I could even track your blog with my sidekick!

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