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one tall canadian, one short american

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I’ll be DJing my first show in a few weeks tomorrow. It’s the Spring programming season so we went through a new lot of scheduling. I’m on from 6-9am PST (PDT?) on Thursdays still, but this time I applied for a show with a cohost, Tyler aka bedlam (like I am aka canuck). He’s another mech e doing the same program I did last year. He did college radio at Princeton.

The whole cohosting thing should be interesting. I’m in my third year of being on the radio and have never cohosted. I’ve let other people guest host and things but never let someone else pick music that went on my show. I’m just a little possessive.

The title of the show, “one tall canadian and one short american” comes, in part, from Vince, the guy who announced Palo Alto City Council for KZSU. We were talking on the phone and he was asking what my show was called. I said “I Once was Canadian” and he said “One Tall Canadian?” I liked it so much: “Yeah, that’s good. One Tall Canadian.”

So tune in tomorrow if you’re around.

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