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Places I want to see, things I want to do in South Africa, Feb 2007

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The plan: go to South Africa to Jan and Feb. 2007, start in Jo’burg, drive around the country and end up in Cape Town (or start out in Cape Town and then drive around the country). I’ve been in Jo’burg a bunch and I’ve explored Cape Town, but I haven’t much to the eastern part of the country and I haven’t driven a lot through the country.

The sights and things I want to do and see.

If you have suggestions or would consider joining me, let me know.

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    1. Joan Says:

      You will love Blyde River Canyon and God’s Window. Well worth visiting. In a way they are part of the (northern )Drakensburg although I have always thought of the Lebombos in Mpumalanga. There is also some interesting stuff about the early gold mine industry in Pilgrim’s Rest, although it is a bit touristy these days.
      As far as game reserves are concerned, there are some walking tours through Hhluhuwe (sp??) in Zululand that you might enjoy.
      Through Natal there is something called the Midmar Meander that I think connects various historical sights and craft villages. Peeople seem to enjoy it a lot. (I used to sail on Midmar dam outside of Pietermaritzburg. Gail has also swum the Midmar mile.)
      Near PE you should also visit the Addo Elephant Park.
      There is also a hike (40 miles?) that people like to do along the Wild Coast.
      If you are driving from PE to Cape Town, you will go through the Garden Route, which is magical. Orchids and other wonderfully exotic flora grow wild along side the road.
      Sue and Dougie (Bridgie’s parents) live in Kenton about an hour outside PE; if they are home, I am sure that they will be very hospitable to you. My cousin Lionel and wife Maureen (Alison’s parents) live in PE and I am sure they will welcome you too.
      These are just some preliminary thoughts…

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