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It’s the first day of lent and this year I’m giving up what may be very difficult: carbonated beverages. On an average day I may have soda, flavored seltzer water and beer. Those are all out for 40 days.

Last year, I gave up meat (Catholic meat ie seafood was allowed), which I thought was going to be really tough, but turned out to be fine. Other things I’ve given up in previous years: caffiene and buying stupid stuff online, among other things.

7 Responses to “carbonation”

  1. Colin Says:

    What if you just let them go flat? Can you drink them then?

  2. adrian Says:

    I think that’d be against the spirit of the plan. There are also non-carbonated beers (like nitro-pumped cask beers) that I’ve also decided are against the spirit of it.

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