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Adrian Posing With Dad's Club
A photo from a couple years ago, but one of the Pirates caps I’ve worn this year. By Ashley Bischoff

Before the season started I said I’d wear a Pirates cap every day the Pirates were at or above 0.500, so today is the first day since May 30 that I haven’t worn one. (In fact, I wore one a number of days before May 30 as well.)

Their current collapse makes me pretty sad. I still have hope that they’ll end up above 0.500, and there are a number of things that are going right this season, but the weight of 20 (potential) straight losing season is, well, overbearing.

2 Responses to “pirates cap”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Doh. Sad. Does that mean no playoffs?

  2. adrian Says:

    It’s very unlikely that they’ll make the playoffs at this point. Even worse, it seems like they might not end up above 0.500.

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