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the great escape

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Something reminded me of this story today.

I’m in 7th grade and I have to do an oral book report. I read a biography on Houdini and prepare a short speech about the book. I do my little speech.

But here’s the part that I like. I get out chains and locks and rope and I ask this kid in my class, Ross, who was just a kid, not a plant of any sort, to lock and bind me to this chair, which is one of those chairs with a built in half-desk. I want him to bind me up and then push the chair out into the hall so I make a miraculous escape. He asks me if I have the key to the lock and I say no, but to use it anyway; I’d hidden a bobby pin in the elastic band of my underwear. Ross starts with the chain and the rope. The tension builds.

And then the teacher says the class is over. I never got to do my escape.

I have no idea what my grade on the report was.

3 Responses to “the great escape”

  1. Leo Says:

    Absolutely radical!

  2. Mummy Says:

    So what was your escape today that reminded you of this?

  3. adrian Says:

    Actually what reminded me was I saw a bobby pin lying somewhere and I started thinking how I used to use one for opening locks.

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