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five things I’ve been liking recently

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Five things I’ve been liking recently:

  • Stormy Kromer Cord HatIt’s comfortable and warm and looks pretty awesome. (And it’s US-made and has a lifetime guarantee.) I’m a fan.
  • Swimming – After not swimming much since August, I’ve been swimming again, at least a few times, and I’ve been really liking being back in the water.
  • Brooks Brothers’ costumer serviceThey were very courteous and helpful when I was in the store but really impressed me was that a few days later I received a hand-written card from the associate that was helping me thanking me for my suit purchase. That’s very classy.
  • Foam back roller – After my back felt tight for almost a month straight, someone suggested I get a foam roller to help stretch out my back. It’s really seemed to have helped.
  • Super Bowl fairness – Of course I didn’t like the results of the game, but after years straight where it seemed like small officiating decisions and even smaller penalties changed the course of the championship, it was good to see a pretty fair game.

5 Responses to “five things I’ve been liking recently”

  1. Colin Says:

    I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but they have a Stormy Kromer hat like yours with the Steelers logo on it:

  2. adrian Says:

    I saw those. I think they’re great. Maybe not $45 great, though.

  3. amrys Says:

    Just getting caught up on blogs and saw your bit about your new suit. My husband got his wedding suit from Brooks Brothers, and also got a handwritten card in the mail after we picked it up in New York. Nice to know this is just S.O.P. — well played.

    Your suit looks great in the photo from the other post! Hope things are well with you.

  4. adrian Says:

    Thanks, Am. Yeah, it seems like it’s S.O.P. which is a classy thing to do.

    Also, congrats on getting married! Great news.

  5. amrys Says:

    Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up with you the next time I’m in Boston. Scott has been giving me your updates, but I’m hoping I’ll see you in person sometime in the near future.

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