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Zulus seem to like their meat with fat and bones so lean cuts can be pretty cheap. For instance I’ve been getting fillet for about $3.25/lb. And I’ve been using it for things like curries and stir fries. Fillet! For stir fries!

Tutoring continues. The first matric exam for math was Friday and the other is Monday so this past week has been going through past exams and working through the hard problems. I think some of the students will do well on it.

Visas have been the big story this week. The Children’s Radio Project won a region UNICEF children’s radio award and the goal was to send two kids along with an adult to New York for the awards ceremony. The big problem was that of the six weeks between UNICEF’s announcement and the awards ceremony, that for kids from rural South Africa, they first needed to get passports which took about five weeks. So earlier this week they still didn’t have their visas when the needed to leave today. Wednesday they set off for Johannesburg–a 10 hour drive–to go to the consulate to try to get an emergency visa appointment at the consulate. Somehow they got the visas on Thursday, booked the tickets on Friday and should be on the plane as I type.

Hand washing clothes takes a lot more time than I thought, especially if local water issues demand that water be conserved. While washing my clothes today I thought about how much time the relatively rich save by having things like washing machines, running water, microwaves and cars.

The other day I saw some kids playing on an over-turned, gutted, rusted-out car. I tend to think that parents these days are overprotective and kids should just be allowed to play, but that may be too much even for me.

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