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I’ve always been really smooth with the ladies.

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Story time!

This was when I was dating Liz*. She visited Pittsburgh for a couple days after Christmas. One night she, some friends and I went to this guy Jon’s house to hang out. He had us take off our shoes in the hallway.

Afterward Liz and I are putting on our shoes and she touched me on the shoulder. I was thinking:

Are you tapping me because you want to bring my attention to something? Or are you just touching me?

But what came out, right as Jon and various friends round the corner is:


It was really loud. As I say, I’ve always been really smooth with the ladies.

* If you’re curious, I asked and Liz is fine with me posting this.

One Response to “I’ve always been really smooth with the ladies.”

  1. Colin Says:

    If you’ve never elbowed a girl in the face while trying to put your arm around her, then you are an amateur. An amateur at not actually being smooth with the ladies, that is. This may or may not have actually happened to me.

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