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“the actual kicking tee used by the player…”

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I quite enjoyed Invictus, though it was a bit sentimental and sappy. I found the book better in the end.

The list of goofs in the movie is quite entertaining, though, particularly the level of detail of the errors noted.

  • Factual errors: The rugby balls used in the Springboks matches are the current generic Gilbert Barbarian match balls with dark blue and green oval trims. The actual match balls used in 1995 World Cup were in fact grass green and sky blue and they all had a Rugby World Cup logo and the year 1995 printed on them. Also the kicking tee used by the All Blacks goal kicker in the film was a Gilbert Blue Tee; the actual kicking tee used by the player Andrew Mehrtens in the 1995 final was a yellow Simpkin Kicking Tee.

    I’m sure many people were appalled by the latter inaccuracy.

    2 Responses to ““the actual kicking tee used by the player…””

    1. Leo Says:

      it’s called “missing the forest for the trees”

      or… film-nerd wankery

    2. sarah louise Says:

      Loved the movie in that after we saw it on Christmas, it got us talking to each other, esp. since neighbors had just been to South Africa.

      (Yes, it was a little sappy sentimental and at the end if you didn’t know the story, all of a sudden you’re like, WHAT, it’s the World Cup game?)

      I should read the book, though. I wonder if the film tie-in has a picture of Matt Damon on the cover…

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