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falling leaves

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I have a problem. Well, technically it’s my plants’ problems. They’re dying. Dropping leaves rapidly; they’re dying.

How am I going to care for children if I can’t care for plants? Am I going to call my family friend who knows about such things and ask her, “Diana, my children are dropping leaves rapidly! What do I do?” And will she say “Maybe you’re overwatering them.” And will l say, “But aren’t these the ones you said could take as much water as I could give them?” And what if she says “That’s true. Maybe you need to give them more water. Or maybe they need more sunlight, but not too much. Are you feeding them?”

“You have to feed children?!”

3 Responses to “falling leaves”

  1. Colin Says:

    There are plenty of people who successfully raise children who routinely kill plants. Being able to successfully care for a plant is not a prerequisite for raising children, which is a good thing because I even killed all my cacti. My kids, on the other hand, are going strong.

  2. mummy Says:

    Are these your dear plants from Kirstenbosch?

  3. adrian Says:

    They are the older of the Kirstenbosch shade plants. The newer ones were looking a little sickly but are bouncing back nicely.

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