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nerd-xing is no more

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A friend just forwarded me this email I sent from the day before my 23rd birthday, just as I’m about to leave Boston. It displays my sadness about my favorite MIT dialup[1] server being retired.

(All of the MIT servers were named after hacks. I’ve linked the hacks below.)

From: bischoff@MIT
Subject: sad
Date: August 26, 2003 3:27:31 PM PDT

nerd-xing and cathedral-seven are no more. nerd-xing was my favorite dialup for a long time       25  TEST        contents-vnder-pressvre           3000       25  ATHENA-NORMAL  buzzword-bingo                25731       25  ATHENA-NORMAL  department-of-alchemy          25902       25  ATHENA-NORMAL  magic-pi-ball                  26066       25  ATHENA-NORMAL  biohazard-cafe                 26092       25  ATHENA-FTP  mass-toolpike                    26227       25  X           no-knife                          41390

(and mass-toolpike isn’t an express server anymore. it’s ftp!)


[1] Of course we didn’t actually dial-up to them, we just used our T1 and sshed in.

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