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Super ball

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Odd things about watching the Super Bowl outside of the country:

  • None of the commercials. Well, there were commercials but they were all EPSN’s own commercials about its programs. They repeated often—there are lots of commercial breaks during the Super Bowl—and got old quickly.
    • The announcers for the ESPN International broadcast were different than the ones for the US (CBS?) broadcast. Big differences:

    • They referred to the sport as “American Football”.
    • They explained many more rules than the normal American broadcasts do, including ones that seem quite obvious to me. They also explained what a “slot receiver” was. Despite this they left unexplained many other football terms, guards “pulling”, names for routes, various penalties, and intricacies of various positions.

So that was strange. But it was a fun game! Go team!

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  1. Alex Says:

    More rules-explaining, eh? Dang, that sounds like the perfect broadcast for me.

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