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It’s the largest car I could afford.

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Fun exchange while chatting with a friend the other day. I’m not quite sure how much of the humor translates without all the context.

me: yp
wow, brilliant typing
friend: you are a skilled typist
me: there’s a reason I’ve made my name in the field

[later, after I told him not to worry about me dating someone in particular]

friend: I’m not at all worried
about you making a move
oh damn
undone by poor typing
it’s like I’m you!
me: haha
it’s because you have giant fingers
that are unsuited to normal sized keyboards
friend: it’s true
you should see me type on the G1
me: like a clown in a midget[1] car!
friend: everybody needs an automobile!
this was the largest car I could afford!

[1] Of course I mean a very small car, not necessarily one made for or used by little people.

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  1. gillian Says:

    I have a guess as to the identity of your friend.

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