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Nestea/ Coca Cola can’t do math*

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nestea red tea pomegranate passion fruit
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I got a free sample of Nestea’s new rooibos-based Nestea Red Tea Pomegranate Passion Fruit today while walking around Charlotte.

Notice anything wrong with the label? Calories for 8 oz (240mL, which is actually 8.11 fluid ounces): 50. Calories for twice that (16 oz, 473 mL): 110. How’s that work out? Does the bottom half of the bottom have more calories??

It can’t be attributed to rounding. Manufacturers round to the nearest 5 calorie–as demonstrated by various products in the fridge in the kitchen. 240mL is more than half and even if it was exactly half and the value for the full size was 107.5, then 8 oz would have 53.75 calories, which would round to 55 calories. Can they decide to round to the nearest 10 when other manufacturers round to the nearest 5?

*Or, they might just be cheaters.

3 Responses to “Nestea/ Coca Cola can’t do math*”

  1. laura Says:

    man, you should report that to the FDA or whomever pronto. bad labeling=not cool

  2. Wendell Hovey Says:

    The volumes mentioned on the label are 8 oz and 16.9 oz. The calories mentioned are 50 and 110. The ratios are just about correct
    50 cal / 8 oz = 6.3 cal/oz
    110 cal / 16.9 oz = 6.6 cal/oz

  3. adrian Says:

    Wendell, yes, they’re almost right, but they’re not. That’s my point. There’s no reason for them to do this incorrectly, particularly in a way that’s misleading.

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