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I still don’t know

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Pirate's Game

I’m just remembering going to a Pirates game at the old Three Rivers Stadium with a friend of mine, Josh L. I think this was in 8th grade. I think I’d won tickets from somewhere and they were good, 10 or 15 rows up along the first base side. Up until that point they were the best seats I’d sat in.

We got there early and the players were still out doing warm-ups. One Pirate came up to the wall and started signing autographs. We rushed down; we wanted his autograph! While he was signing my program, I asked him a question.

“Do you like playing baseball?”

“Yeah, I do. Do you?”

“Yeah!” I lied. I didn’t play baseball anymore.

Afterward, we tried to figure out from the scratch of lines on the program who this player was. There was definitely an ‘X’ in there. I’m still not sure who he was.

4 Responses to “I still don’t know”

  1. Tarq Says: help:
    1992: Danny Cox or Alex Cole
    1995: Mike Maddux


  2. adrian Says:

    Thanks, Tarq. It was a Pirates player; I seem to remember that it might have been a pitcher. This would have been 1995, so it might have been Mike Maddux. I’d have to look at the program again, if it still exists, to find out.

  3. Milkshake Says:

    I still miss 3 rivers.

  4. Tarq Says:

    Oh, yeah — I had just assumed it was a Pirate. If you click on the teams on you can then just look through the rosters of every year.

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