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moving is hard

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I’m sure I’m the first person to express this sentiment.

I spent basically all the time from 8:30am to 10pm yesterday moving. By the end of the day boxes I thought were light earlier were feeling really heavy. By the end of the day, I was threatening to drop couches and things after just a few feet because my forearms were atrophied to such an extent.

I got one of those stylish back support things that you see movers and home depot employees wearing. I pretty much wanted to look professional while I moved, but it did have some benefits in back support. (And, really, I don’t want a back support device, I want an Impenetrable and Invincible Back Exoskeleton Now Made with Super-Alloy-Z.)

Our one break was a visit to In N Out in the evening. We parked our Budget rent-a-truck across three parking spaces laterally and I had the biggest meal I’ve had at an In N Out. It was the most guilt-free meal I’ve had since the Tahoe century.

Today I hurt. Back, forearms, calves, quads and all the other areas that contain muscle.

2 Responses to “moving is hard”

  1. Dave Says:

    moving sucks. at least it’s not in the summer so you don’t have to drink 5 gallons of gatorade to keep from passing out.

  2. mummy Says:

    It is never easy….but it does help when you are moving someplace that you want to be.

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