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among the top 10 times of year

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Post-easter half priced candy time! I love it.

4 Responses to “among the top 10 times of year”

  1. M. M. Says:

    Much less depressing than post-Valentine’s day half-priced candy time.

  2. gabby Says:

    Hi, we saw your blog because we’re staying at hirano’s guest house in kyoto and you wrote nice things about it. We’re also former pittsburghers and remember the late myron cope (“Yoi!”) We see you lived in Taiwan – how’s your Mandarin and any chance you are or want to be a journalist? Best, Gabby

  3. adrian Says:

    Gabby, thanks for the comment. My Chinese is pretty poor–I know a few dozen words and phrases and some basic sentences. I don’t have a ton of interest in being a journalist.

  4. libs Says:

    But they often only have bags of plain milk chocolate eggs and peeps left over. So unless I am planning on playing with (and potentially ruining) a microwave, it is not all that fantastic, for me at least.

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