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I hate

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when I’m in a hurry and I think I’m grabbing peach yogurt and it’s actually orange creme.

Note to yogurt making companies: orange creme is not a good flavor. That it’s patterned after an artificially flavored ice cream snack should be enough of a hint to that effect. What’s next Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor yogurt?

4 Responses to “I hate”

  1. M. M. Says:

    Watermelon was clearly the best flavor of Jolly Ranchers, except perhaps sour apple. I would consider buying Jolly Rancher sour apple-flavored yogurt. At least once.

  2. Colin Says:

    No, you are wrong. Orange creme is an awesome flavor for yogurt. I love orange creme ice cream, orange creme soda, and orange creme yogurt. Oh, and I love Orange Julius, which is orange creme even if “creme” isn’t in the name. Oh man, now I want an Orange Julius…

  3. andy (not andyl) Says:

    I definitely don’t like the Orange Cream, but the Apple Pie is pretty good.

    The thing about any of those fancy flavors is that they’re all part of the fat-free selection, and they’re just replacing the fat with sugar.

  4. libs Says:

    Orange creme soda is the most delicious of all Stewart’s sodas, and that is saying something. So if the yogurt tastes like that– I say you are totally mistaken.

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