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The strangest alternative-Super-Bowl TV ever had to have been Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. Did anyone see this?

There have been Bud Bowls and Celebrity Death Matches, but putting a bunch of puppies (and kitties, for the half-time show) on a small field-looking play area and filming them? That’s absurd.

Also, we missed at least one or two plays of the actual Super Bowl watching it.

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  1. BigRoundWizard Says:

    I saw the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl started and I made the mistake of showing it to my wife. It was the 2nd most surreal thing I have ever seen on TV. the first being an hour-long special on model trains (with no voice-over or music, just model trains going around in circles) on the Rural Farm Network.

  2. jensd Says:

    I actually did see the Puppy Bowl, too. Was hoping for better commentary, but alas, the techno music we had on was a better sound track.

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