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Do you remember these? No, I’m not talking about that song, but about Oreo Big Stuf Oreos:

These things were like a big cookie sandwich with what I remember to be fully 6mm of oreo cream in the middle. They apparently had 13g of fat and 316 calories each. They must have had 20g of trans fat each (and, yes, I know that math doesn’t quite work out).

I thought about them the other day because they were the reason I learned that you weren’t supposed to touch food you were offering other people. I took one out of the packaging and offered it to our babysitter as my parents were still getting ready to leave and my mom said something like “She’s not going to want that if you’ve touched it” and offered her one which was still in the packaging. (I don’t believe she wanted either, actually, but this was 22 years ago, so what do I remember?)

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