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USB fun, or, Japan is weird, part 1

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Japan is weird, a list:

  1. Most restaurants have displays of their food made up of entirely plastic food
  2. There is a neighborhood in Asakusa, Tokyo that is entirely restaurant supply places
  3. The restaurant supply places are the suppliers for most of your fake foods
  4. Within these fake food restaurant supply stores, you may purchase other oddities made to look like food, such as keyrings (I have an eel sushi key ring)
  5. Among the oddities are fake food USB devices. Who needs a small, inexpensive USB flash drive when you can have a relatively expensive fake hamburger one

USB fake sushi:

USB fake hamburger:

I don’t buy it: yoda

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Yoda was 900 years old and extremely wise, yet he wasn’t able to grasp basic English syntactical structure? I don’t buy it!

I don’t buy it! is a series in which I point out things I’m not buying.

some probably trite book

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made a good point: don’t worry about little stuff and everything is little.

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