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I don’t think that one gave anyone a heart attack

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Steelers won another one on the road, this time to get to the Superbowl.

I watched the game at Shanghai Kelly’s again. By game time they were turning people away—dug almost couldn’t get in until I said he was with me (and I was inside already). I’d guess somewhere between eighty and a hundred people in there.

After last game, it was nice to see a game more in control this week. The Steelers looked really good out there. I’m pretty happy with our* chances out there against either of the teams that may be representing the NFC (it looks like it’ll be Seatle at this stage).

*I acknowledge that it’s a bit stupid to use the first person possessive when talking about teams that one supports, but I like it anyway.

A post script of sorts: Two funny stories from half-time. I went out to a store to grab a sandwhich because Shanghai Kelly’s doesn’t serve food. 1) a Bronco’s fan was in the store. I didn’t say anything (though it was 24-3 by that stage) because I thought I’d be nice. To my Bettis jersey, he said “I hope Bettis dies.” Wow. 2) The bagger was talking to the cashier while I was in line. “It’s possible to be a sports fan and not be a total douche. I don’t think people realize that,” to which I said “I try [not to be a total douche].”

3 Responses to “I don’t think that one gave anyone a heart attack”

  1. Milkshake Says:

    First off – love the title of this entry.

    That Denver fan that said I hope Bettis dies – man that’s cold. I didn’t say that about Brady when we were down by that score in the AFC Championship last year. I think I did wish herpes on him or something but that’s not the same as death.

    I did wish death on the ref last weekend though.

    I remember 8 years ago when Denver came into town for the championship game and took it away from us. Payback is a bitch.

    I am a total douche. Go Steelers!

  2. Patrick Says:

    We manhandled Denver yesterday. The streets were alive with enthusiasm last night. I watched the game in the Strip and drove down Butler Street in Lawrenceville. When I got there, people were jumping on trucks and hanging out of windows waving their terrible towels. Everybody was honking their horns. It was a beautiful site. Next time, I have to remember my camera.

  3. Urban Saddle » Blog Archive » Black, gold, and vinyl Says:

    […] And last, but not least, watching the Steelers pulverise the Broncos was fun and definitely not as heartattacky as last week. I watched it at Roland’s in the Strip. Afterwards, I was driving to church and chose to drive down Butler Street in Lawrenceville. It was mayhem. People were all over the roads and sidewalks waving their terrible towels, shouting at the top of their lungs. Cars were honking their horns. Passengers were on vehicles, not just in them. I think I want to watch the Super Bowl at a place like that. Some place where it’ll be on the fringe of a riot. […]

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