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picksburg n ‘at

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Dis jaggoff on sa’urday night live jus did a picksburg accent n’ at! Dat is sumpin dat I nevr thought I’d see. Right der in one of dem sketches! Did yunz guys see dat?

Problem was, he was drinkin a bud, not an arn, and hes sez steeelers not stillers. But he did talk plenny bout Cowhr.

[Update: Check ‘is aht. An article in da Picksburg Post Garzette jus ’bout dat sketch!]

5 Responses to “picksburg n ‘at”

  1. jesse Says:

    what’s an arn?

    (and yes I checked the link but it doesn’t make any sense

    Arn = Iron. Pittsburghers usually pump or drink theirs.


  2. Adrian Says:

    Jesse, Arn=Iron City beer.

  3. jesse Says:


    The notorious, Herman the German, has boasted that “the world knows no finer”, since it’s conception in the early 70’s.

  4. jesse Says:

    (I thought the world was older than that. plus herman the german is really kinda creepy…)

  5. dave Says:

    hey! yunz guys wanna go dahn to primanti’s an’ get a sammich ‘n at? don’ invite that jagoff adrian tho, he always drinks my arn…that friggin’ jagoff.

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