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probably a leftover from my time at tep, I don’t really open my mail until it’s overflowing. Many of my bills are paid automatically or I periodically pay them online.

well, yesterday, it was time to go through my mail. here are some conclusions, harper’s style. There were probably about a hundred pieces of mail from mid-november until now:

  • number of rebate checks from 1
  • number of items that were important enough that I felt they should have been opened earlier: 0*
  • number of apparently identical capitol one credit card offers: 6
  • number of other credit card offers: 3
  • number of offers for additional services from credit card companies I currently do business with: 3
  • number of apparently useless tax forms from Massachusetts, which I didn’t live in for any of 2004: 1

*I should note that I’ll look through what appears to be new mail (the stuff at the top of the pile) and open things personally addressed to me or with a return address of someone I know. As such, I had already opened a wedding invitation. I also open netflix.

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